This year we took the 70’s to task with a collection of 9 songs.
ambrosia was still a “prog” band when they released this single in ’78. we add a little king’s x drop-d sensibility, as well as a final 2 minute manly guitar battle between my guitar heroes Lance Taber and Lyle Workman.
larry norman is a fellow campbell high grad, so we had to get him on here! larry virtually invented “christian rock” (back when it was actually both...) this song feature actual live cello playing by my sister micki, including the funky cool ending.
fleetwood mac’s rumors album was standard issue for every suburban girl in ’77, and sheri and i used to sing it together in ’79, so here we are again in ’06.
elton john’s goodbye yellow brick road came out in ’73, when i was in junior high and it was definitely the big album in my world for years.  i just took a deep breath and played this as fast as i can (thankful for editing software to clean up my rollicking fat-fingered version)
natalie raced down from chico at the last minute to knock this one outa the park!
released in ’78, this andrew gold gem eventually found it’s way into heavy video rotation for the inaugural few months of mtv in ’81 (complete with ag at the piano in top hat). be sure to enjoy the mouth-kazoo solo.
can’t do 70’s without todd! this is a utopia song from oops wrong planet and is a virtual copy of the original (unlike every other song in this collection) alex and tyler nailed the screams and dueled me for the big finale “preach-off”...all while holding hands.
the first 10 seconds tell you everything you need to know,
this heart “bonus track” was actually recorded in ’79! i was hanging out at sheri’s house with my radio shack cassette recorder and as you can hear at the beginning of the recording i convince her the tape isn’t on...
also evident is that i don’t really know the song very well, but how cool is it to hear this after all of these years?
Relieve the thrilling days of yesteryear with us!